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Early days

Faten was born and raised in Paris in a multi-cultural environment, learning French and Arabic. She fairly quickly picked up English as well. 

Academia and finance career

She graduated from Dauphine University in 2009, was an intern at an investment bank in Paris and then a Portuguese bank in New York. Coming back to Paris, she studied for her Masters in Finance at La Sorbonne University and was a part-time intern as a financial analyst in a German bank.  

She quickly started working as a trading assistant for a small hedge fund boutique for 2 years in London. She then moved back to Paris where she worked as a Business Analyst in a large investment bank, and was brought back to London as Head of Operations for an asset management firm, managing a team of 4.

The fund was transferred to a new asset manager, where Faten ensured the transfer with no business disruption. Faten picked up other responsibilities as Investment Specialist, working with private and institutional clients on designing bespoke investment solutions and managing the relationship with clients.  


Time to refocus

After leaving her last corporate position, Faten took time to travel and focus on self-development. She successfully passed the CFA certificate in ESG Investing and started to work as a freelance Consultant on ESG matters. 


2020, a year to remember

Over the course of 2020 and the memorable lockdowns, Faten started working with a coach on getting more clarity over her long term goals.  



The process of coaching revealed that Faten seemed to fit in a natural way for being a coach herself. So she started her training. Diving in straight away with practice clients whom she learnt so much with. 



She qualified as a Professional Coach early 2021 and has now her own practice, working with managers and their teams and with students from renowned Business Schools such as Cambridge, EDHEC and Bocconi. This is what Faten was aiming for and achieved with the work she did on herself and the actionable plan she put in place; and it is now her goal to support you create the life and career that you want.

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