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Life Coaching

Exploration and growth

Life Coaching is the powerful conversation-based approach to creating clarity of purpose and direction so that people can achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. Along the way, with your coach Faten, you will challenge what may be making you feel stuck and move towards your own solutions. Whatever your goal may be, your coach will support you on this journey from where you are to where you want to be. 

With your coach, you can focus on: 

  • Efficiently create a work-life balance

  • Create clarity on what you want your life and your career to be

  • Build healthy sustainable habits

  • Connect or reconnect with people and yourself

  • Maintain healthy personal and professional relationships

  • Find your purpose


Faten did this work on herself with a coach and found her purpose. She is now aiming to support you on this wonderful journey of your own to create the life you want. 

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