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Team Spirit
Enhance the performance of your team

Team Coaching & Consulting

This covers the development process that maximises employees’ talent and potential, in line with the values and goals of the company that employs them. 

Corporate Coaching can be an individual and/or a group experience, at any level of the company. 


Group Coaching

  • Improve communication within the team and with other stakeholders

  • Create cohesion for more efficient work

  • Encourage the quietest team members to find their place in the team

  • Create the conditions for enhanced performance 



Faten worked in the finance industry for close to 10 years, in various environments: hedge funds, asset management firms, investment banks. With people from different cultural and academic backgrounds. Throughout her career, Faten worked as part of a team, managed a small team herself and reported directly to COO’s, CEO’s and boards of directors. She was recognised for her high level of professionalism and honesty, respecting all of her co-workers, building strong and trusting relationships with peers, top management, service providers and clients. 

From more efficient project management to improved communication with various stakeholders, Faten can help you thanks to the experience she acquired successfully navigating the corporate world. 


Faten also holds a certificate in ESG Investing from the CFA and has been working on various ESG projects to create change on the mindset around the topic. Awareness of the urgency to implement new ways of investing and operating for companies has been rising over the last few years. The unprecedented impact of the Covid-19 crisis has surely accelerated the pace for change. Reach out to find out more how Faten can work with you on ESG and sustainability in your company. 

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